1844{794}2730 Troubleshoot Linksys Router Stopped Working All of A Sudden

Are you facing issues with your Linksys router? Does your router stop working all of a sudden? Moreover, you don’t know how to rectify such glitch! If your response is yes! Then you in the right place. Here you will get appropriate solution to the issue and you will be able to know the reasons behind it. You can reach out to Linksys router support number that stays accessible round the clock. Or simply try to perform the troubleshooting steps given in this blog.

Reasons behind your router stopped working

Ø It might have lost the connectivity from the modem
Ø Firmware is outdated
Ø It needs a restart
If you have crossed check with the above-given causes and still the issue remains as it was, then you must try the given fixture.

Solution: Fixing Linksys router that stopped working all of a sudden
Before starting the steps you must check the internet connection status on your modem, you should be able to see a blue DSL light on the modem. Also connect the modem directly from computer via Ethernet cable, if it does not work then there is an issue with your Internet.

Ø Reset the Linksys routerfirst, restart the router and modem, connect them using a cable and then reset it using the reset key at the back of the router.
Ø Reboot the router – you will be able to see an unsecured Linksys wireless network in the list of your computer, connect it.
Ø Set up the router – go to the wireless security tab and set up SSID and Password for your router, once done, restart the modem, router, and computer or other connected devices.
Ø Do not reset the router frequently – as a precautionary measure you must not reset your router again and again as it may cause serious hardware problems
The basic steps that are explained above will surely resolve the issue if it does not happen so then try establishing a connection with Linksys customer support. The service executives stay available all day long to fix the issues faced by Linksys router users.


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